Installing the Basic Web Application Hacking and Pentesting Course Lab

Hello everyone,

This tutorial will explain to you how to install the bwhp course lab.


  • Local Server : if you are using linux you can use apache2 and mysql server, if you are using windows you can use  appserv .
  • Course lab , you can find it with course materials here


we will go through the following steps.

Creating Mysql username and database:

You will need mysql user and database to the course lab

First let’s create the database

If you are using linux you can login to mysql server by typing this command inside the terminal.

$~#mysql -u root -p[your password]

if you are using windows you can login using myphpadmin

you will type in the browser http://localhost/phpmyadmin

to create mysql database we will execute this simple query

create database bwhp;

now we will import the mysql file which exists inside the course lab folder

by using the command line

source [dump.sql path]

by using phpmyadmin we will click on import , browse then chose the dump.sql file and click go.



and that’s all for creating and importing the mysql database.

now we will create a username and password and give it a privileges.

you can do this both windows and linux from the command line

we will create a  username with the same name of the database you can change it if you want

CREATE USER 'bwhp'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'mypassword';

now we will grant the privileges for the username to the database


Adjusting the configuration file

Now extract the lab inside the www folder and open the config file using your favorite editor.

we will change the values of these variables to ours

$host = 'localhost';
$username = '';
$password = '';
$db = 'bwhp'; // database name, you can change the name if you want

so the username will be bwhp, the password will be mypassword, and the database name bwhp the host we will leave it as it is because we are connecting our local machine.

now save and close.

that’s all 🙂

now the lab is ready for you

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