Crack WEP/WPA/WPA2 Password Without Dictionary/Bruteforce ” New “

Updating Kali Linux

The first thing you should do is to update the Kali Linux repositories

apt-get update


Installing the tool

to install the tool after updating the repositories, you just need to type in the console .

apt-get install fluxion

if it’s not working you will need to install it like this:

git clone

if you face any problem download the tool and install it manually

Running the Script

Just navigate to the fluxion directory or the directory containing the scripts in case you downloaded them manually. If you are following the terminal commands I’m using, then it’s just a simple change directory command for you:

cd fluxion


Now, run the script.

sudo ./fluxion


If you have any unmet dependencies, then run the installer script.

sudo ./

Anyways, one way or the other, your unmet dependencies will be resolved, and then you can use Flexion.

PS: For those trying to use apt-get to install the missing stuff – some of the dependencies aren’t available in the default Kali repos, so you’ll have to let the script do the installation for you, or manually add the repos to /etc/apt/sources.list (look at the script to find out which repos you need to add)


Once again, type the following:

sudo ./fluxion

This time it should run just fine, and you would be asked a few very simple questions. For the wireless adapter, choose whichever one you want to monitor on. For the channels question, choose all, unless you have a specific channel in mind, which you know has the target AP.

Then you will see an airodump-ng window (named Wifi Monitor). Let it run while it looks for APs and clients. Once you think you have what you need, use the close button to stop the monitoring.

You’ll then be prompted to select target.

Then you’ll be prompted to select attack.

You choose an attack. I am going to choose the Hostapd (first one) attack.
Then you’ll be prompted to provide handshake.

If you don’t have a handshake captured already, just press Enter and then the script will help you capture one. It will send deauth packets to achieve that.

I’ll use aircrack-ng (the first one).

And Deauth all.

Then you can see the targets deauth .
Press 1 to Check handshake . if done you will see this:

I prefer Web Interface (The first one).

Then Select Your language.

As you can see lots of windows opened , The fake page will be sent to the victim , and then the victim will think it’s just deauth of wifi network and he will enter the password again , and the attacker will receive it.



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